Djusina 10
11000 Belgrade, Serbia

+381 11 323 16 17
Ivanka Rukavina
    +381 63 231 472

Dusko Moric

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Srpski jezik



As one of the leading manufacturers of leather goods in Serbia & Montenegro
we are delighted to present our exclusive range of business related
products. All items are hand made from the best quality leather and
authentically designed.
We have been rewarded with two "Kosutas" at The Belgrade Leather and Fashion
Fair,ULUPUDS reward for design, as well as The Belgrade Chamber of Commerce
Great Reward for best designed product.
Our product range primarily covers Business Essentials extending to numerous
accessories for business and every day use: men and women business cases and
travel bags, wallets, belts, beauty bags, book cases like agendas, planners
and diaries, key holders, various cases for glasses, business cards, pens,
ties,mobile phones, lighters etc. We can also help you with any special
It is also possible to seal all our products with your logo for free.
Every article is suitably packed.
Due to our products special character we suggest a presentation either in
your's or our's office so that our programme could be adequatly presented
and fully appreciated.
One more thing - our prices are significantly lower than those of the same
quality products on the Western market.